Falling in love

I call The Pill Factory my "husband's midlife crisis". He fell in love with Bundanoon and as an architect the old quirky sandstone building that had been falling into disrepair. He decided we needed this building in our life. Lucky for him I agreed.

It's a serious building but not so serious that you couldn't have fun and/or have your kids and their friends hanging in it too. I've drunk fun and fine wines there and watched friends wade through encyclopedia of craft beers after days spent bike riding and bush walking. We have felt comfortable doing both.

I love design, food, wine, things that make me laugh but mostly I love connecting with my friends and family. We've created a space that doesn't take itself too seriously, that is easy to spend time in… with people of all ages and at all stages of their life. 

I love seeing how people make the space their own. From a gorgeously intimate tea ceremony to a wedding with a kilt wearing groom, to a pair of doctors taking the medical/pill theme all the way through to their bonbonnierre. 

The Pill Factory makes me happy because I get to work with people who are happy and excited about organising their special day. We have loved creating a space that puts a smile on people’s face and stimulates connection and relaxation… I hope that that’s what The Pill Factory can offer our guests over and above the practical stuff.


Claudia xo