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The Pill



The Pill Factory is a venue / accommodation combo property. It began life as the Golden Cross Pill Factory in the 1800s.

It's a quirky sandstone European Gastof-style building. Is it pretty? Not really. Is it awesome? Yep. Picture that rugged guy with the once broken nose who feels comfortable in a well cut suit with vintage styling or in a mankini having a laugh. A guy that loves Tolstoy but also sharing articles from The Betoota Advocate on his social media account. If you think you'd like him you'll more than likely love The Pill Factory. Great bones, lots of wood, beautiful features mixed in with some quirky design decisions from the past and last few years. Practical and dependable.

The Pill Factory has a well equipped kitchen with all the standard utensils, platters, plates, bowls etc. We have a large dining room that comfortably seats 36 and can be extended into an annex to fit an additional 10 guests. We have a full commercial bar area that is home to wine glasses, champagne flutes, under bar fridges, dart board, pool table, plug in speaker and chesterfield lounges. This is where most functions end up... dancing, singing, competing and sharing a drink.

We also have a cool and spacious attic with a projector, screen and lots of couch space. Our attic space is a great chill out zone either for the group or individuals but it can be a wonderful space for people to do speeches and or to have the ceremony. There’s plenty of space and we may even have seen footage of "The Village People" performing up there for a special 50th birthday event.

We sleep 36 people (check out our floor plan), We have four bathrooms (three with claw foot baths), 14 bedrooms, a BBQ area, a sitting room with fireplace, a family room with fireplace, plenty of parking, a bit of lawn to chuck down a picnic rug, free WiFi and firewood.

There are three things that make the property stand out.

One: Its unique history and look… yes it actually was a pill factory.

Two: The ability to house 36 of your nearest and dearest under one roof... imagine... no one has to drive!!!

Three: Most spaces allow 36 people to congregate comfortably but there's enough separate spaces for people to group up separately.


"I like large parties. They're so intimate. 
At small parties there isn't any privacy."

-The Great Gatsby-